Privacy Policy

AdRiver takes your privacy seriously. This Privacy Policy applies to users’ data which are collected, stored or processed by AdRiver for providing the ad-serving services. AdRiver neither collects any personally identifiable data nor associates collected information with any personal data. Collected information is not disclosed to third parties.
AdRiver uses privacy principles that satisfies legislation of the Russian Federation and moral-ethical standards. These principles are recommended by international privacy protection agencies. Website

AdRiver does not collect any personally-identifying information when a user visits website other than what is supplied voluntarily by the user. This information is used by AdRiver solely for the purpose identified at the point of contact.

Advertising, Served through the AdRiver Technology

Non-Personal Information

AdRiver may collect information which is associated with a unique user without identifying the user personally. The fields of data that AdRiver collects may include the following:
  • IP address for geolocation information;
  • operating system and web browser;
  • number of views/clicks through the ad;
  • number of visits of the website.


AdRiver may use cookies to collect non-personal information which may be identified with a user’s web browser for the purpose of helping its clients determine which advertisement is suitable to be delivered to a user. A cookie is a small text file that can be stored on a user’s computer when that computer’s browser views one of AdRiver’s client’s advertisements or websites. The cookie is associated with and unique to the specific web browser. The cookie does not contain the user’s name, address, phone number, email address, gender, age or anything that personally identifies it.
On occasion AdRiver’s clients may use their own database which may include the user’s personal information. In this case the personal information is used solely by that client for the purposes of ad delivering which is relevant to the user and satisfies the privacy policy of that client. AdRiver is not responsible for usage by clients of this voluntarily supplied data. AdRiver does not collect, store or associate this information with the user’s data and does not give its to third parties.

Personal Information

AdRiver sells to nobody and does not distribute user’s or client’s personal information.
AdRiver has the right to disclose the personal information in the following circumstances:
  • user or client agree with by accepting the rules of the certain service;
  • as required by the laws of the Russian Federation.
AdRiver has the right to give the aggregated information to third parties. This information does not include the personal data and does not identify each user personally.

AdRiver Profile

Each client can replace its personal information or personal profile settings at any time. The client’s personal information or personal profile settings are password-protected.

The Opt-Out Cookie

AdRiver uses cookies to uniquely identify a web browser, which gives advertisers the ability to show the advertising that is relevant to you. If you would prefer us not to store a unique cookie in your browser, you may opt out below.
Please note that by opting out, you still will receive advertising when you visit any websites — the advertising just will not be relevant to you.
Please note that if you erase or otherwise alter your browser’s cookie (including upgrading certain browsers) you may need to opt out again.

Changes in this Privacy Policy

AdRiver can change this Privacy Policy in whole or in part. If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will inform you by posting the revised Privacy Policy on the AdRiver website.
If you have any questions or comments about our Privacy Policy you can email us at