1. Banner summary

ID Number: 02H019.
Description: in-page banner. Usually has placement on top of a web page.
Type of a code: ajax, poster, extension.
Examples: TopLine on ajax code, TopLine on poster code, TopLine on extension code, TopLine on extension code.
Third party tracking: Flash banner preparation for further AdRiver pixel insertion.
Specification: banner on top of a web page across the width of window.

One recommends using a poster code only if a banner is situated at the second screen and should be displayed when an user scrolls to it. On this code banner is displayed after complete loading of the webpage. In other cases one strongly recommends using an extension code.

2. Banner preparation

2.1. Flash-movie preparation

The first frame of flash-movie should contain the following ActionScript:

if(ar_init == undefined){
 ar_init = true;'*');

For click, attach the following ActionScript to a button element:

on (release) {
       getURL(_root.link1, "_blank");

To download in flash-movie additional parts (downloaded with banner), you should add name of an additional part to a _root.ar_comppath.

 _root.ar_comppath + 'flash_name.swf'

2.2. JavaScript for TopLine on poster code

Download an example. Open a script.js file with text editor. You may change only an editable block.

/* Last edited by Alexandr Zonov 10.03.2011 */

var ar_img		= 'mts121_760x60v1.gif',
	ar_swf		= 'mts121_760x60v1.swf',
	ar_flashver	= 6,
	ar_width		= '100%',
	ar_height		= '60',
	ar_img_click	= '',
	ar_wmode		= 'opaque',
	ar_flash_pixel	= '',
	ar_gif_pixel	= '',
	ar_quality		= 'best';


  • ar_img — an image name, may contain ‘http://’, in this case will be loaded from location.
  • ar_swf — a flash-movie name, may contain ‘http://’, in this case will be loaded from location.
  • ar_flashver — version of a Flash Player on an user’s PC.
  • ar_width, ar_height — flash-movie width and height. Width by default is 100%. Height is in px.
  • ar_img_click — alternative link if need.
  • ar_wmode — wmode. You can use one of the values:
    • transparent — the background of the HTML page shows through all transparent portions of the movie. This option can slow animation performance.
    • opaque — the movie hides everything on the page behind it.
    • window — movie plays in its own rectangular window on a web page.
  • ar_flash_pixel — third party tracking URL for flash-movie if need.
  • ar_gif_pixel — third party tracking URL for image if need.
  • ar_quality. Possible values:
    • low favors playback speed over appearance and never uses anti-aliasing.
    • autolow emphasizes speed at first but improves appearance whenever possible. Playback begins with anti-aliasing turned off. If the Flash Player detects that the processor can handle it, anti-aliasing is turned on.
    • autohigh emphasizes playback speed and appearance equally at first but sacrifices appearance for playback speed if necessary. Playback begins with anti-aliasing turned on. If the actual frame rate drops below the specified frame rate, anti-aliasing is turned off to improve playback speed.
    • medium applies some anti-aliasing and does not smooth bitmaps. It produces a better quality than the Low setting, but lower quality than the High setting.
    • high favors appearance over playback speed and always applies anti-aliasing. If the movie does not contain animation, bitmaps are smoothed; if the movie has animation, bitmaps are not smoothed.
    • best provides the best display quality and does not consider playback speed. All output is anti-aliased and all bitmaps are smoothed.

4. Requirements

Names of the files can consist of numbers, Latin letters or underscore symbols only and can’t contain any Russian letters, space symbols, quotes or other special symbols. Size of the flash banner and the image should be the same.

5. The limit of the file size for banners in AdRiver

  • gif, jpeg, png-files (img width x height banners on AdRiver) — 600К;
  • swf-files (flash width x height banners on AdRiver) — 600K;
  • other file types — 600K;
  • for multicomponent banners the limits are checked for each one component.

To download in the banner files with extra-limit size you can use the box Расположение на стороннем сервере, in which you should insert the pathname to an external server.

For the banners that can’t be loaded from an external server it is possible to increase the limits of the file size. It comes to agreement with sales and support departments.

Last modified on 29.03.2016